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Boston Photography Center blog

Blog of the Boston Photography Center, a 501(c)(3) organization founded in 2004 to share ideas and knowledge, to educate, to mount group exhibitions, and to promote the advancement of the fantastic art of photography and photographers in Boston.

Boston Photography Focus

Boston Photography Focus is a blog dedicated to Boston photographers, Boston photography exhibitions and education, photo enthusiasts, and all manner of photo-based activities, news, happenings, topics, and ideas in and around Boston, New England, and beyond. It is sponsored by the Photographic Resource Center (PRC) at Boston University, New England's center for photography. The PRC is an independent non-profit organization that serves as a vital forum for the exploration and interpretation of new work, ideas, and methods in photography and related media.

Boston Radio Blog

blogging the Boston Radio scene!

Boston Real Estate Blog

A blog about the Boston real estate market, primarily focused on the condo sales market in the downtown area - the South End, Back Bay, Beacon Hill, and South Boston neighborhoods. Includes new listings, recent sales data, and the latest on projects under construction.

Boston Real Estate Blog by Michael DiMella

Updates and news about the Boston real estate market, including statistics, helpful tips, and local neighborhood news.

Boston Restaurant Talk

A blog on the Boston restaurant scene, including new stories, events, and reviews."

Boston Skeptic

Humor/satire - 800 word pieces published every Wednesday and every other Sunday by a Boston lawyer who, like many, has struggled to find steady employment in this economy and who has found writing keeps his brain working in spite of his professional doldrums. Topics cover a bit of everything: dog ownership, politics, current events, job hunting,temporary employment etc.

Boston Skeptics

Boston Skeptics is a group of critical thinkers who get together to talk, eat, drink, and be skeptical about things like homeopathy, creationism, psychics, aliens, alternative medicine, conspiracy theories, and whatever else catches our attention.

Boston Sketcher

Quick sketches of people, places and events in Boston. Mostly people sketched on the train while commuting to and from school.

Boston Sophisticate

Boston Sophisticate is a humorous look at the lifestyle of a Beacon Hill socialite and the people she meets, things she does, and places she goes. In this blog are also rants and raves about products, artists, fashion, food, hot-spots around the city, and more. Amy Patt has been tagged a "Beacon Hill Socialite" (Boston Globe) and a "Person to Watch" (Boston Magazine). She has appeared in numerous social rags in Boston, Newport, Palm Beach, NYC, and the Hamptons. Known as the one who brought fashion to Boston, Ms. Patt, a consummate believer in seeing things through rose-colored glasses, is a fearless promoter of all things good, funny and often-times slightly over the top.

Boston Sports Fanatic

Boston sports news portal where all articles are submitted and voted on my the fans. From the Sox to Brockton, AFC East to the Bruins. If it's important to you as a sports fan... add it to the site.

Boston Sports Journal

A blog about Boston sports, specifically the Boston Red Sox, Boston Celtics, and New England Patriots.

Boston Sports Media Watch

Watching the New England Sports Media.

Boston Steamer

Two recent transplants to the Boston area and their (often beer-fueled) exploits in learning the ins and outs of New England life.

Boston Sweet Digs

Get the scoop on past sales, good deals, open houses and what's on the market in your neighborhood.

Boston Tattoo Convention

News, updates and photos from the Boston Tattoo Convention. Meet the artists, get a tattoo or learn about the craft.

Boston TV News: The Scoop

Coverage of the Boston television news market.

Boston's Goodtime Bluegrass Band

If you are looking to hire a local bluegrass band for your event check out this site! This blog is Andy Sicard's listing of cool local music events and information about hiring the Goodtime Stringband.

Boston, You're My Home

Observations about Boston Life.


Boston is a leader in sustainability and climate change planning. The city has launched initiatives and passed ordinances in green building, renewable energy, transit-oriented development, and related areas and is attempting to link some of these initiatives to economic development in clean technologies. Other cities and towns in the metropolitan area are also making great progress on the sustainability and climate change fronts.

Boston Green seeks to highlight these efforts and situate them in the context of what other cities around the world are doing. We also aim to provide useful links to explain some of the key clean technologies being developed and employed in the Boston area.


Fashion in Boston and New England: Store reviews, product reviews, general fashion thoughts, the style divide between those on the hill and the college students, something for anyone who likes fashion. We're still figuring things out and getting things set up but we're mostly ready to roll.


I am 46, divorced, mother of two, Republican. I was born and raised in Boston and can not conceive of living anywhere else. I think Brian Lamb of CSpan is the sexiest man on TV. If you want my attention, you have to be aggressive and smart and you have to feed my head.