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Cakes, Tea and Dreams

I write to celebrate the things I love - books, travel, friends, family and a good cup of tea.

Call Me Snake

Old news unfit for print (self-publishing never looked so good!)

Call of the Green Monster

A Red Sox news parody site that presents spoof stories.

Cambridge Civic Journal Forum

Discussion forum for the Cambridge Civic Journal. Topics focus on civic and political affairs in the City of Cambridge.

Campaign Outsider

Campaign Outsider follows media, politics, news, and culture.

Cape Ann Photos

Photoblog of life in Gloucester, Rockport and Essex on Cape Ann, MA and communities along Massachusetts' North Shore.

Cardinal Sean's Blog

Cardinal Sean shares his reflections & experiences.

Carrots 'N' Cake

A blog dedicated to a healthy balance.

Cave Cibum

Cave Cibum is a Boston food blog - reviews of local restaurants and products as well as homemade goods.

Ranting and raving about the greatest basketball franchise in history.

Centers and Squares

Real estate, architecture, local events and more. Focused on Cambridge and nearby towns.

Blog about the Central Square area.

Channel Zero

A Weblog in support of "Channel Zero" a local film and video series, based in Arlington and screening around metropolitan Boston.

Charles River White Geese Blog

Dedicated to (1) protecting the Charles River environment in Cambridge/Boston, MA. (2) standing up to environmentally destructive state and local governments. (3) protecting the Charles River White Geese and other wildlife currently being starved by state and local governments.

Charley's Photography Blog

My life in Photos - Somerville, Cambridge, Boston and onward.

Chaz's Blog

After living 36 years in Rochester, New York - I moved to Boston, MA 02/15/2003, in search of new job experiences, new friends and a metro lifesytle. This BLOG is my ongoing diary of this transition.

Cheap Thrills - Boston

I send out a weekly email of interesting things to do around Boston for $10 or less. The will usually be an abbreviated version with some of my event descriptions as well as some reviews other notes of cheapness.

Chinatown Blog

This blog was started by a group of young people trying to explain to their elders what a blog is and why anyone would want to read it.


Stumbling through life looking for wisdom and grace.

Chris Devers's blog

Not about anything in particular, just a guy. Occasional photos of the Boston area & beyond, occasional ramblings, some computer nerd-ery. The Usual.

Learn simple, applicable web strategies for building digital communities and empowering marketplaces using new technologies like blogging, podcasting, and videoblogging.

Christopher Herot's Blog

Some insights into communication and social media." By the CTO of Convoq.

Ciras Photography Blog

A fun blog about weddings and life from a husband and wife team of wedding photojournalists.

City Desk Wired

Boston Herald editor keeps clicking on everything that passes, runs, screams past the City Desk.