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From the Desk of Socks, the White House

A 1994 graduate of Norwich (Conn.) Free Academy and a 1997 graduate from Boston Univeristy, I live in Boston and work in Waltham, Mass.

From the Journals of Ian Thal

Reflections on art and culture by Somerville (formerly Allston-based and Jamaica Plain-based) poet, mime, puppeteer, actor, clown and performance artist, Ian Thal. Mostly about the various artistic projects with which the author is involved, but sometimes delves into politics and how they relate to the arts. The successor to the imaginatively named Ian Thal's Blog.

From the Port

This blog comes to you from Cambridgeport, and is created by a person with multiple severe disabilities.

Front and Central

On the Front & CENTRAL blog you will find news and exclusive backstage stories, photos, and sneak peaks of the goings on at Central Square Theater, home to The Nora Theatre Company and Underground Railway Theater.

fujit choir

The blog and website of fujit, Boston's exciting new chamber choir.

Fun and Fearless in Beantown

Beacon Hill resident blogging my way through Boston's restaurants, recipes and happenings one day at a time! This blog is about everyday life and staying fun and fearless throughout it all.

Funny Accent

A pov of a Malay woman immigrant who likes to think while she runs, who likes to to dream while she quilts, whose heart desire is to have her muse published.

Fussy Eater

Celebrate your sweet tooth! Get a taste for baked goods and other goodies around Boston by exploring the well-known and unknown treats as sampled by a self-described fussy eater. Preference is given towards places and items you may have never heard of or thought of trying.