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Hackneyed Sojourn

Boston as seen through a cab's windshield.

Hackneyed Sojourn

Boston as viewed from behind the wheel of a taxi.


This site offloads personal observations and both general and specific rants from Marry in Massachusetts. That site now will have fewer non-political posts.

Harry Moulton

Harry writes and sings his own inappropriate, and humerus music. Follow his blog and his website to learn more about his music and his day-to-day outrageous life


Early 30s; Leo; Honest; Trustworthy; Touched; CAD Graphics guy; Funny; Likes Biographies; Hard Working; Clever; Quiet; Thoughtful; Local Rocker; Dreamer; New England native; Loyal; Web Junkie; Caffienated; Extraordinarily Ordinary.

Hedgehog's Journal

The Hedgehog recently received her bachelor's in film from Vassar college, focusing on film theory, multimedia, and screenwriting. This means the hedgehog is still unemployed. The Hedgehog is also a sometime stand-up comic and amateur web designer.

Helga's Big Adventure

From the Bay Area to the Bay State.

High Tech in the Hub

All about the people and technology in the Greater Boston Area.


Conversations with George F. Snell III, former journalist and social media consultant, about the media, public relations and the social Web.

Hoarded Ordinaries

A photo-rich personal blog focusing on the two towns I call home: Newton, MA and Keene, NH.


Kenneth Sutton exploring cyberspace.

Hot Sauce Addict

Specializing in hot sauce and related spicy food.If it's not here, it's not hot enough! Hot sauce reviews, recipes, how to guides, interviews and more.

Hot, Buttered and Toasted!

Fun food facts, events and adventures in the Boston area.

How You Have Wronged Me Today

I may only be in my 20s, but much like my favorite muppets - Statler and Waldorf - I am a cynical, angry, curmudgeonly old man at heart. Chances are I do not like you. This blog tells a story. A story about how you have wronged me today.

Hub Blog

A blog about Boston and the universe for which it serves as the Hub. The site is written by a Boston journalist.

Hub Money

A look at the financial side of sports from a Boston perspective.

News and comment on Boston arts and culture.


Thoughts on Eastie and beyond.


Blogging about travel in Boston and beyond.


Searching the life and times of my father, Paul Greenberg.

A home page for Hyde Park people, places, events and aspirations