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i am Khatu

a personal style blog

I Didn't Need to See That!

The true story of one woman, in Boston, realizing that she had to get over her fear of being politically incorrect and free herself from her own hatred by bitching about the current state of things even if it means alienating her neighbors, who may just be illegal aliens, and scaring her friends and family because she is engaging them in talks about money, God, and Politics."

I Do What I Want

A 25-year old sassy pants who wants to be a housewife, hostess, superhero, raging alcoholic, great city driver and self-sufficient princess.

I'm just a girl...

I'm an average, every day sane psycho supergoddess - and a Mom! I also own a wine shop in the Boston area... A place for my personal thoughts, rants and raves.

I'm Your Server Not Your Servant

A Voice for Service Industry Workers Everywhere. A Case for Human-to-Human Service and Civility.

I, Lamont

Observations about technology and life, written by a long-time Newton resident.

idle thoughts

Idle thoughts, mainly political.

Wacky or interesting things I discover in the Boston area. Why U-turns are disallowed on Mass Ave at every intersection from Harvard Square to the Arlington line, and I see people make them every day.


At once local, multi-cultural, & transnational. By gathering and sharing information about local interests, culture, and politics -- rooted in very historic places and nations -- this site aims to inspire people to engage in cross-cultural dialogues and activities both within and beyond cyberspace. Does it work? Read and let me know...

Improbable Research

Research that makes people laugh, then think. Home of the Ig Nobel Prizes, and of the magazine Annals of Improbable Research.

In Need of Defragmentation

Brief posts; mostly photos of my lunch for the day.

In the mind of Laquidara

OK, he lives in Hawaii now, but c'mon, this is Charles Laquidara we're talking about here.

Inert Ramblings

Sean Sosik-Hamor rambles on about local life and miscellanea.


By Seth Finklestein, a programmer perhaps best known for his work in figuring out just what censorware applications are censoring.

Ingrid Gerdes Music

Blog to inform fans about Boston singer/songwriter Ingrid Gerdes's recent happenings.

Pointless, vapid ramblings of a surly information security engineer living in New Bedford and commuting to Boston.


Boston, USA, through the eyes of an overassimilated immigrant.

Invasive Species Weblog

Stop by for the latest information about invasive plants and animals.

io sono il formaggio

Yo soy el queso. Je suis le fromage. Ich bin der kaise. Jag ?r osten. At any rate, it's true, I'm the cheese. There's no changin' that.

Irish Elk

Mark C. N. Sullivan writes for the news bureau of a Massachusetts college. He is married and the father of three young children.

Irv Arons' Journal

A blog to show my published columns, reports and articles from my 30-year consulting career in ophthalmics and medical lasers.

More recently, postings about new drugs and devices for the treatment of age-related macular degeneration.

By the way, I'm located in Peabody, not Salem.

It's JerryTime!

It's JerryTime! is the animated true-life misadventures of a 40-something curmudgeon named Jerry.

iZ iT Lunchtime Yet?

Helping you find lunch, one restaurant at a time.