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La tartine gourmand

Tartine Gourmande was a great name for me because of the two ideas combined. Tartine is a slice of bread with a spread on top (the verb Tartiner means 'To spread something over something else') ? and I love to eat those improvised tartines a la bonne franquette - and gourmande is the feminine noun of gourmand, which designates anyone who cannot resist food - me?

La vie...J'aime

Art, fashion, life, Jaime. Lifestyle blog by Boston based 20 something woman.

Ladybug's Picnic

The artist formerly known as - Here you'll find one mom, one fabulous husband, one adorably grouchy ladybug toddler, two jobs, four bedrooms, and way too many handbags and pairs of shoes to count.

Landed in Swampscott

Talking about life in Swampscott, Mass.

Laura Zigman

Laura's blog is actually called a 'brant' (brag + rant). It's also written in the third person, just like this description, because Laura, a novelist who has always been very uncomfortable with promoting herself, had to find a way to trick herself into being able to write about herself non-stop when her fourth novel, PIECE OF WORK came out. Now Laura loves Branting and wishes she could do it ALL DAY LONG. Laura's other books are: Animal Husbandry (made into the movie 'Someone Like You' starring Ashley Judd and Hugh Jackman which is always always always on cable); Dating Big Bird, and Her. Her brant is a daily (or almost daily) collection of thoughts pertaining to family life, parenting, writing, not writing, cooking, not cooking, and her odd fascination with the sudden proliferation of electric chocolate fountains.


Robert Ambrogi is a lawyer in Rockport; his blog is about the law and technology, especially law-related Web sites.


Family life in Arlington and the adventures of a non-profit in Lynn that's building a school in South Sudan.

Learning Strategies

Thoughts about learning and other matters.

Leather District Gourmet

Leather District Gourmet blogs about food (mostly) and posts about the expanded offerings at the Farmers' Market in Dewey Square (South Station).

Legacy Matters

Because your life counts and what you leave behind is the evidence of the life you lived. Why not tell it your way.

lessons from elephants

Dancing through feats of fashion, film, frequency, food, and fun!

Librarian on the Run

I'm a 28 year old librarian living in South Boston who loves to run, read, ski and hang out with my friends and family. I'm running the 2008 Boston Marathon and raising money to support the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary! At my blog you can read about my training and make a donation."

Life is Greener on the Other Side

I'm a Boston resident, Montana native and life-long environmentalist. I wrote poetry about global warming before it was envogue... I've got a degree in Environmental Policy and Analysis, and a Master's in Urban Planning and I know how to use 'em. I've worked for the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection for nearly 7 years and currently hold the esteemed role of Recycling Grant Manager - people like me, I give them money... My goal other than to feed my need for a hobby is to change the world, one blogger at a time with information about small things everyone can do everyday and small changes they can make that will have a positive impact environmentally on our planet.

Life Is Sweet In the Fenway

Ph.D. Student in Immunology at Harvard Medical School; grew up in the SE Virginia ghetto and graduated from the University of VA.

Life is too short to drink cheaply...

Rants and banter from an Allston Rock City web, print, and jack-of-all trades designer and blogger.

Life Lessons Learned While Running

Everything important about life, I learned while running. Or while I complained about running or avoided running or whined about not having run enough. Breathing, seeing, sweating, aching, exhilarating, and general observations.

Life's A Shandeh is a venue for a varied group of ‘folks’ to share vital information about the things that matter most (like wings, booze, comedy and music) while showcasing their wicked mad writing skillz. Yes, that’s right is a big happy collective blog and we aim to please.


A citrusy canard.

Lindy Hoppin' Linus

I'm a swing dancer and I love Boston, though I'm a proud Minnesotan by birth. (And it's 'pop' people, 'soda' is for baking!) A perfect day for me would be a morning of pancakes, an afternoon spent on the Common, and an evening of dancing with my Boston swing scene.


...luring disco dollies to a life of vice since 1999.

Little Victories

Ben Timmins is bored of holding it in. But what is it? "It" is anything, really, from politics to cars, clothes to technology, food to media. But mostly media because, of course, he's a total Mass Comm nerd.

Living In Boston

This is a blog that is written by a newcomer to Boston. There are many new experiences and observations living in this city. This blog hopes to entertain, amuse and help new residents understand what living in the city is like.