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Rachel Levy: Social Media and Marketing

How I'm using social networking tools like Twitter with my clients in and outside of Boston.

Red Mass. Group

Red Mass Group was founded to revitalize the right-wing community in Massachusetts much as Blue Mass Group has done for the left.


Training for the Hyannis half marathon (2/27) + spells of saturnalia in Boston bars/restaurants

Amanda is an e-book editor by trade, blogger and writer by night, runner by nature and foodie at heart. All of the pictures on this blog were taken with her *iPhone 4, which is terrible for making phone calls but surprisingly apt at capturing photos. She is 20-something years old and she lives in Boston, MA.

*ShakeItPhoto is the app Amanda uses to frame these pics. While it can be somewhat distracting to stop and get camera-happy while running, she'll be the first to tell you that it's been making training so much more dynamic--long, solo runs no longer feel as aimless, now they're about... reporting, and documenting bits of beauty along the way.