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The Hungry Mouse

A visual guide to food and cooking, featuring step-by-step recipes and lots and lots of photography.

The Iterative Life

Personal blog focusing on life in Newton and greater Boston, fixing up an old house, computer software, parenting, religion, politics, and anything else that comes my way.

the Knurd

The Knurd is about having fun without the hangover. We features events and activities in the greater Boston area that are outside of the bar scene. We generally post things that are T accessible, all ages, and affordable (or FREE).

The Lady in the Pew

A Roman Catholic lady who loves being a Roman Catholic lady.

The Penny Dreadful

Grub street is a non-profit writing center dedicated to nurturing writers and connecting readers with the wealth of writing talent in the Boston area. We have two vital roles. We support writers at every stage of their development by offering writing classes, fellowships, employment, and networking opportunities, and by promoting the work of local authors. Equally important, we enrich the lives of Boston-area residents by introducing them to a community of fellow readers and writers through author-hosted book clubs, informal discussions, movie screenings and more. grub street builds on Boston's proud literary tradition by making the city more welcoming for writers, and more inspiring and culturally alive for all of us.

The Practice of Scooterdude-Way

A Special Method for Mind, Body & Spirit through entertaining street performance, creative sport, and meditation through activity and practice

The Quad | bu's independent online magazine

Boston University's independent online magazine and blog, the Quad covers BU campus and general Boston news, events, music, arts, film, politics, sports and more with a focus on the BU college student.

The Rabbit Hole

Boston based design blog.

The Real Charlie

People are always trying to squelch the Real Charlie. But now you too can enjoy Charlie's unsquelched thoughts, opinions, obessions, insights and delusions. Fatherhood, life in Boston, food, beer, birding, personal finance, faith, epidemiology, Red Sox - all that and more.

The Small Boston Kitchen

Hello and welcome to my Small Boston Kitchen. I guess you could say that I am obsessed with cooking and all things food-related for that matter. My kitchen, albeit a little alcove of space in a tiny apartment I call home, is where I am me. Barefoot and happy, I spend my free time creating homemade food for family, friends or even just myself. I believe that the art of creating a meal and eating it is one of the most genuine joys that we as humans get the opportunity to enjoy, daily. My site is meant to not only share my culinary endeavors, but also to encourage you to put on some good music, pour yourself a beverage and just get creating.

The Sound Alarm

The Sound Alarm strives to not be another “music gossip” website. No drama here. If we post something about a band it is because our staff feels that their music is worthy of your attention. Sit back, turn up your speakers, and be sure to stay in tune with us while we sound the alarm about your new favorite artist.

The Sour Dough

The ramblings and recipes of a late 30's foodie philospher looking to escape corporate America before corporate America escapes her.

The South Ender

Lifestyle dispatches from Boston's most eclectic neighborhood.

The Tell-Tale R

The World's Toughest Blog.

The Tomorrow Museum

Art, technology, media, ideas, and the Cambridge/Boston lecture scene by Joanne McNeil.

The Urban Muse

Musings on reading, writing, and living the freelance life.

The Urban Pantheist

Loving Nature while Living in the City.

The Urban Sherpa

a geographic and spiritual guide to life in the big city...

The View from Here

Dispatches from an interested observer. I write about my neighborhood (South End), my work as a greeting card designer, calligrapher and artist.

The Webrealm

The blog of a twenty-something professional UNIX geek living in the Boston area with a passion for food, books, photography, and music. Subjects range a lot of different areas, including Boston and Brookline goings on.

The Weekly Meat

Weekly essays and various viscera on life, language, sports, art, culture, leisure, pleasure, pain, and politics.

The Witching Well

I'm 37 and married. My husband and I share our apartment in Salem, Massachusetts, with a lab/shepherd cross and a grey tiger cat. Right now, I'm supervising the word processing department for a major university's administrative offices, but over the years I've also been a door-to-door canvasser, an apprentice cake decorator, and the assistant manager of a retail clothing store.

The World According to Om Gal

A yoga and wellness resource with soul, style, and smarts. This blog highlights traditional yoga philosophy from a fun, contemporary perspective, gives asana recommendations, reviews teachers and studios, provides delicious and uber-easy recipes for energy and wellness, shares cross-training tips, and tops it all off with the occasional insightful and witty personal anecdote to help you blaze your own trail toward enlightment. Are you ready?

The Wyrd Sisters

What was, what is, and what could be in the life of Summer Ryan Doyle.