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Unlikely Words

Movies, sports, politics, Tracy Morgan, Harvard commas, and anything else good. We have delusions of grandeur.

Unstoppable Robot Ninja

Unstoppable Robot Ninja is my website, a weird-ass amalgam of random links, crappy photography, and one-off thoughts. There's even the occasional blog entry when I?m feeling especially verbose.

up and up

south bostonian, by way of roslindale and texas. politics to pooping your pants--i hit on all the big topics.

Upton Bell Blog

Upton Bell, New England Talk Show Host and Commentator, is the former General Manager of the New England Patriots, Player Personnel Director of the Baltimore Colts and Owner of the Charlotte Hornets (WFL) Charlotte Hornets, with Arnold Palmer in the World Football League. Upton is one of New England's longest tenured broadcasters (31 years). For three consecutive years the Upton Bell Show has been recognized by The Associated Press for for the best Outstanding Talk Show in New England.

utter wonder: the idle thoughts of c monks

c monks lives in massachusetts with his wife and son. when approached he's quite affable and witty. if you happen to run into him and he's neither of these things, you should only blame yourself. check your clothing first; it is probably uncool. if that's not it, you may be with someone who is wearing uncool clothes. drop them like the dead weight they are. you're better than that.